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The researchers, journalists and artists in the FLOWISION consortium contribute to the three realms of expertise: energy sector, civil society and media and journalism. The researchers are located at the Aleksanteri Institute of Russian and Eastern European Studies in the University of Helsinki and Centre of Science and Technology Studies in European University of St. Petersburg.

Consortium Members


Contact Details

Sohvi Kangasluoma
Project communications

Project leaders

Veli-Pekka Tynkkynen

Position: Leader of consortium and WP1
Email: veli-pekka.tynkkynen@helsinki.fi
Phone: +358405170521, +358294140828
Twitter @VPTynkkynen

Dr. Veli-Pekka Tynkkynen is a Professor in Russian Environmental Studies at the Aleksanteri Institute and Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science, University of Helsinki. He also leads The Research Group on the Russian Environment. In the project he focuses on political/societal power and culture concerning energy in Russia.

Margarita Zavadskaya

Position: Leader of WP2
Email: margarita.zavadskaya@helsinki.fi
Phone: +358503297066, +3582941236405

Dr. Margarita Zavadskaya is a Postdoctoral researcher at the Aleksanteri Institute. Her research focuses on political behaviour and civil society in authoritarian regimes. In the research project she contributes to the work on environmental activism.

Olga Dovbysh

Position: Leader of WP3
Email: olga.dovbysh@helsinki.fi
Phone:+358503063288, +358294123698

Dr. Olga Dovbysh is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Aleksanteri Institute. Her research is at the intersection of media studies, economic sociology and political economy in Russia. In the project she contributes to the research of WP3 on mediatized knowledge.

Project researchers

Alexandra Barmina

Position: Researcher, WP2
Email: abarmina@eu.spb.ru

Alexandra Barmina holds an MA degree from CEU (department “Sociology and Social Anthropology”, ’18) and EUSP (department of sociology, programme “Science and Technology in Society”, ’21). Her research interests include political ecology, environmental movements, anthropology of natural disasters. She contributes to the WP2.

Olga Bychkova

Position: Researcher, WP2
Email: obychkova@eu.spb.ru

Dr. Olga Bychkova is Associate Professor of Sociology and the head of the Center for Science and Technology Studies at European University at St. Petersburg. Her research interests include science and technology studies (STS), social studies of climate, comparative public policy and political economy. She contributes to the work of WP2.

Elena Gorbacheva

Position: Researcher, WP2
Email: elena.gorbacheva@helsinki.fi
Phone: +358469008914
Twitter: @LenaAGorbacheva

Lena Gorbacheva is a Doctoral researcher at the Aleksanteri Institute. She studies in her doctoral dissertation environmental protests in Russia. Elena also works as a project planner for DigiREES and ElMaRB projects at the Aleksanteri Institute. In the project she focuses on waste protests in Northwest Russia.

Sohvi Kangasluoma

Position: Researcher, WP1
email: sohvi.kangasluoma@helsinki.fi
Phone: +358408667914
Twitter: @SohviMJK

Sohvi Kangasluoma is a doctoral researcher working at Aleksanteri Institute. Her dissertation focuses on the production of oil and gas in northern Norway and Russia and its entanglements with gender, emotions and human security.

Hanna Lempinen

Position: Researcher, WP1
Twitter: @lempihanna

Dr. Hanna Lempinen is a visiting researcher at the Aleksanteri Institute. Her research focuses on social and cultural aspects of Arctic energy developments and just energy transitions in the north. Her research will contribute to the WP1.

Teemu Oivo

Position: Researcher, WP2 & WP3
Email: teemu.oivo@helsinki.fi
Phone: +358408674168
Twitter: @TeemuOivo

Dr. Teemu Oivo is a Postdoctoral researcher at the Aleksanteri Institute. In the project he contributes to the study of both civil society (WP2) and media (WP3).

Mika Perkiömäki

Position: Researcher, WP3
Email: mika.perkiomaki@helsinki.fi
Twitter: @MikaPerkiomaki

Dr. Mika Perkiömäki is a Postdoctoral researcher at Aleksanteri Institute. He has worked on ecocritical research of environmental Russian prose of the Soviet period, and media representations of the Arctic. In the project, he contributes to the research of WP3 on practices of mediatized knowledge production and distribution on fossil and renewable energy.

Dmitrii Zhikharevich

Position: Researcher, WP2
Email: dzhikharevich@eu.spb.ru

Dmitrii Zhikharevich is an economic sociologist and a research fellow at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies, European University at St Petersburg. His research interests include social theory, economic sociology, STS, history and sociology of economic expertise, and the history of capitalism. He contributes to the WP2.

Artists and journalists

Johannes Roviomaa

Position: Journalist
Email: johannes.roviomaa@gmail.com
Phone: +358407301219
Twitter: @jroviomaa

Johannes Roviomaa is journalist specialising in climate change, equality and peace. He pursues a Masters degree in Journalism and Communications at the University of Tampere and has also studied at ExpREES programme in Aleksanteri Institute.

Touko Hujanen

Position: Photographer
Email: toukohujanen@gmail.com
Phone: +358505148579

Touko Hujanen is a photojournalist who concentrates on long term reportage projects. His work has been published in over 30 countries, and he was nominated as the photojournalist of the year in Finland in 2011, 2018 and 2019.

Niko Väistö

Position: Film director
Email: niko.vaisto@aalto.fi

Niko Väistö is studying MA in documentary film director in Aalto University. He is working in the field with the background of sociology and wilderness guide. He is fascinated by peripheries, contemporary film and absurd things in everyday life.